Hello all! After a long, over extended hibernation, it’s time to get this blog moving.  Between college work, my job with Queen Anne’s County Public Schools, and other things, it’s been hard to find time over the past 6 months to update this blog.  Well, now I’m going to start updating it….this time, I mean it!  Check back soon for updates.


Welcome to the new and improved blog on the history of school integration on the upper eastern shore of Maryland!  I felt it was necessary to do this because my old blog, “Road to Compromise” was getting too cluttered and I was posting too many irrelevant items.  This is my way of fixing the problem!  I’ve been meaning to do this for a little while, but its been hard to find time while preparing for college…now I have found time to fix it!  Be sure to look around and tell me what you think!